Dear Organisers, To complete the anti-doping information already available on the FAI website, the FAI has created two FAQs for competitors and event organisers to facilitate a better knowledge and understanding of all matters relating to anti-doping. “What do I risk by taking prohibited substances”, “If doping tests are conducted at my event, what should I do?”, “If I am tested and my sample is positive, what can I do?” are only a sample of the questions found on the anti-doping FAQs web pages. A PDF version of the two FAQs is also available to download (and attached to this e-mail).These 2 FAQs are part of the Education plan of the FAI which is an important aspect of the FAI Anti-Doping Programme. You can contribute and help us increasing awareness among the air sports community by distributing the 2 enclosed documents (or give the web link http://www.fai.org/cimp-projects/cimp-fai-anti-doping-programme) further to all the people you know and especially to the competitors of your event. It is really necessary to send out these documents on a large scale.Besides, I encourage anyone who has doubts about anti-doping, however small they may be, to contact me to have them clarified. I am here to help and make sure that everyone is aware of the anti-doping rules and fully understands them.We thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards.

Ségolène ROUILLON | Anti-Doping Manager 
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