Visa requirements

Bemowo Culture Centre (Organizer) provides assistance in obtaining visas to come to Poland only for those participants who are officially nominated by their NACs (National Aero Clubs). The participant must be on the list sent officially by a NAC to the Organizers, (filled out FEF ‚Final Entry Form’ stamped and signed by the NAC’s Authorities).
To receive Visa you need an official Invitation from Bemowo Culture Centre. Please do fill IDF ‚Invitation Data Form’, your personal data form with needed for the application to get Polish Visa. Send this document to Organizers via email no later than December 15th, 2014.
Please find information on countries which are not required to have a visa when entering Poland: .
More information on visas:
Important Notes:

  1. An applicant pays any Organizers expenditure (approx. 20 Euros) to help getting a Visa.
  2. Team Manager shall be liable for the accuracy of the personal data of each member of a national team.
  3. Normally, Visas will be valid from the 13th March to the 22nd Martch, 2015.

Invitation Data Form